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Price Category: Value

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  • Contains soothing aloe vera
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Blends easily with fingers
  • Lightweight feel


  • Lack of shade range
  • Dries quickly
  • Not as full coverage as claimed
  • Not long wearing
  • Looks dry and crepey under the eyes
  • Can settle into fine lines


essence Keep Me Covered Concealer misses the mark in every category, from application to finish to longevity.

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I can’t say I love the new Keep Me Covered essence Concealer…

The beauty community has had some controversy over the new Keep Me Covered line from essence. More specifically, the controversy is about the shade range of the foundation and concealer. I’ve tested both (Keep Me Covered Foundation review here) and can’t say I’m impressed with anything about the formulas, from the application to the finish to the longevity.

Lucky for you, I also have some alternatives to the essence concealer that actually work. But, first, let me explain why I’m not impressed by the Keep Me Covered Concealer.

Promises vs. Performance: This essence concealer misses the mark in every area.

essence Keep Me Covered Concealer promises to easily hide spots, redness, and unde eye circles. Its formula claims lightweight, medium to full coverage that is undetectable and nourishing. It contains soothing aloe vera, and is non-comedogenic making it suitable for all skin types.

Let’s just say there’s really no claims that essence Keep Me Covered Concealer meets. The shade range only has 10 shades, and they’re not flexible or inclusive by any means. It’s a very liquidy formula that is lightweight as claimed, but it doesn’t have the coverage promised. In my opinion, this is more of a sheer to light coverage concealer. As you start to build it up to a medium coverage, it becomes heavy and dry looking – not a good look! The formula also dries fast and can be hard to work with. It’s best to work in sections rather than apply it everywhere all at once.

The wear also leaves something to be desired. It isn’t long wearing and starts breaking apart and looking patchy after just a couple hours of wear. My under eyes look dry and crepey, heavy, and the concealer settles into my fine lines. I don’t see any of the benefits of the hydrating aloe vera, and mosts definitely didn’t get the flawless complexion essence promised.

How It Compares: essence Concealer is not the best.

Simply put, skip trying this concealer. There are so many other formulas at the drugstore that actually perform well without making the under eyes look dry and crepey, without settling into lines, and actually having a long wear.

In my opinion, Maybelline Instant Age Rewind is the industry standard drugstore concealer. This product is definitely raved about, too, with more than 100,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.4 star rating. Incredible! It covers dark circles and brightens under eyes while feeling weightless, leaving you with a smooth finish. This iconic concealer is truly a holy grail product (minus the messy applicator, but we can overlook that). That being said, there are some newcomers to the drugstore concealer family that I love.

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