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Price Category: Luxury

  • $499.00 Retail
  • $350.00 MILABU suggested

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-Less Damaging

-Flex Plates that keep your hair evenly distributed throughout the flat iron’s plates

-Hidden Battery

-Locked Closure

-Buttons/Switches feel solid/substantial

-Magnetized Charger

-Temperature Settings Display

-Alert Noises

-Airplane Mode Battery – TSA Approved

-My go to tool now that I have it


-Can’t Style and Charge at the same time

-Plates are not as smooth as I hoped

-You have to take smaller sections

-Slight burnt smell with higher temp

-Battery Life – 45 minutes (not great for curly/long/coarse hair)

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Dyson Corrale flat iron sets a new standard for luxury flat irons category. It claims to be a single pass flat iron, with advanced technology to keep your hair from long term heat damage.  The day it was released I went to my local Ulta and bought one to try out for myself, of course.

It’s definitely a very expensive hair tool, but is it worth such a high $500 price tag?

Comparison to Standard:

Compared to the Bio Ionic 10x, the Bio Ionic Flat Iron was much smoother going through the hair but Dyson did a better job of actually straightening (especially towards the ends) the hair. With the Bioionic 10x, you can take larger sections, but it was obvious that the ends look straighter and sleeker with the Dyson Corrale flat iron. The Dyson hair tool also left my hair feeling more soft and smooth than the Bio Ionic hair straightener. 

Suggested Price: (Is it Worth $500?)

$500 is too much in my opinion…

I do like that they’re trying to use innovative materials (copper alloy and flexible plates), but the tool didn’t blow me away enough be so much more than a standard luxury iron like the Bio Ionic 10x ($250) I do think it was a good investment because of the money, thought, and research Dyson puts behind their tools, but I do not think this is a tool everyone needs. There are other great flat irons at much more affordable prices.

Product Description:

The Dyson Corrale Straightener is the only straightener with flexing plates that shape around your hair, gathering it neatly together on each pass. This extra control means you can achieve the same style but with less heat, and therefore half the damage.* It also means enhanced styling, for reduced frizz and fewer fly-aways.**

The Dyson Corrale Straightener can be used corded, or cord-free to provide extra versatility and freedom while styling. Before using, charge your straightener to 100% to maximize performance.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Enhanced styling: By gathering hair for more control, flexing plates produce shiny, straight results – with less frizz and fewer fly-aways.**
  • Less heat, half the damage: Flexing plates gather your hair for more control, so you can achieve the same style with less heat and 50% less breakage.*
  • Up to 30 minutes cord-free styling: Delivers the same thermal performance of a corded straightener; fully recharges in just 70 minutes.***
  • Extended run time: Place the straightener in the charging dock when not in use and in between sections to extend run time.
  • Suitable for all hair types: Choose from three precise heat settings – 330 degrees F, 365 degrees F and 410 degrees F to suit your hair type, length and desired style.
  • Intelligent heat control: Regulates the temperature of the plates 100 times a second, ensuring you never exceed your chosen temperature.
  • Manganese Copper plates: Manganese copper alloy selected for its flexibility, strength and thermal conduction.
  • Ready to style when you are: With 90% battery charge in just 40 minutes, using the magnetic charging cable or dock.
  • OLED screen: Battery level, temperature control and charging status displayed during use.
  • Auto shut off and Safety lock: Switches off after 10 minutes of inactivity for added peace of mind. Safety lock allows for immediate storage after use.
  • Engineered for balance: Weight is balanced in the hand to give maximum control while styling.
  • Ready to travel: Universal voltage and a battery disabler that is TSA approved and safe to fly with.
  • Flexing Plates: The only straightener with flexing plates that shape around your hair, gathering it neatly together on each pass. By gathering hair for more control, this allows for a lighter grip when styling.
  • Extend run time: Place in the dock when not in use and in between sections to extend run time. The OLED screen and chime will indicate that your machine is charging properly.
  • Key sounds: Chimes to indicate your machine is heating up, chosen temperature reached, low battery, empty battery, charging, idle mode and service alerts. To turn off the prompt sounds, mute by holding the power and temperature buttons for 5 seconds.

What it includes:

  • Dyson Corrale Straightener
  • Charging dock
  • Heat resistant pouch