Price Category: Pro-Grade

  • $14.00 Retail
  • $12.00 MILABU suggested

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  • Love the packaging
  • Soft, fresh smell
  • Products feel weightless and moisturizing
  • Doesn’t leave a white-cast


  • Contains harmful ingredients (like most other products in this price range)

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I went to Target and purchased some of the Kristin Ess hair care collection to test out. I picked up her purple shampoo and conditioner, a leave in conditioner spray, her blow drying mist, and I couldn’t resist also picking up her dry shampoo and texture spray. All of her products have her signature fragrance and her signature zip-up technology, a strengthening complex, designed to ‘zip up‘ split ends and smooth the appearance of damaged cuticles while helping to protect hair from environmental stressors and color fade.

Comparison to Standard:

Overall, I am really impressed with the Kristin Ess line. For the price, I think you’re getting really great products. After researching some of the ingredients, we did find that some of the products do contain ingredients that are classified as “harmful” by EWG.org/skin deep. The purple shampoo and the dry shampoo in particular contain methol (basically alcohol). Tons of other brands also use this ingredient, so in my opinion, you get what you pay for. If you are sensitive to fragrance and chemicals, be aware.

I really enjoyed testing these products and look forward to picking up more.

Overall, the price for these products is very fair, being sort of an “in- between” of drugstore and salon haircare. Definitely try out the Kristin Ess hair care line from Target.