Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Polish Gloss Review

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Price Category: Pro-Grade

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  • High shine finish
  • Plumping, smoothing effect
  • Is not sticky
  • Long lasting gloss
  • Shade and finish options (more than 80)


  • Lips feel slightly drier after all day wear

Buxom Lip Gloss Review

This bestselling lip plumper is a favorite in my makeup kit. Buxom rocks for a beautifully plump and shiny pout in endless shades.

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Buxom Full-On lip plumper to painlessly enhance your lips.

More is never enough for some of us (okay, me) when it comes to lip fullness. Not only do I desire fuller lips, but I love a feeling of lip hydration and smoothness to go along with plumpness. Now, there are usually limits to how far I’ll go to pamper my mouth. And a great plumping gloss satisfies me well enough. I’m sure the results are not as dramatic or long lasting as injectable volumizers, but I’m also sure that means less ouch for my mouth and bank account.

However you prefer to fulfill your big lip aims, I assure you, a swipe of Buxom gloss is never misplaced. Its cushiony texture and slide-free shine will add some oomph to whatever size you start with. Let’s review Buxom Full On Lip Gloss Polish.

Promises vs. Performance: Are you ready for a bold lip plumper?

Full-On Lip Polish Gloss is a bestselling lip enhancing cosmetic. According to Buxom.com, this lip gloss will “boldly” plump the lips, taking your “pout to new levels.” It gets the job done with a mix of volume boosting peptide ingredients, as well as vitamins A and E for added hydration and softness. Like to think you feel it working? This glassy concoction comes with a gentle side of tingle that Buxom promises to be “tantalizing.” You can bathe your mouth in all these benefits via one of Buxom’s cream, shimmer, sparkle, or pearl finish gloss varieties.

My Review Thoughts on Buxom Lip Gloss

I’ve been using this gloss at least a decade, and a favorite is the shade Dolly. Buxom’s number one Full-On hue is a perfect mauve that comes either sparkly, shimmery, or super pigmented and glitter free. I stick with the first version I tried, OG Dolly, which is super shiny with a hint of shimmer.

Does this cult favorite gloss live up to Buxom’s claims?

Dolly delivers. Just one coat of this lip plumper really smooths the lips, making them noticeably fuller while their borders seem more defined. The polish doesn’t slide, but it hugs the mouth in something of a hydration blanket that feels lightweight and cushiony at once. The mild tingling sensation and a welcome throwback scent of warm vanilla are sensory bonuses, to me.

In my experience this lip plumper stays well in place. I can get a good few hours of wear from it before touching up. It also withstands some amount of eating and drinking without totally disappearing.

However, when it leaves it takes some of its moisture with it (like someone ripped that blanket right off). My lips feel slightly drier once the product has fully faded. I alleviate the dryness with a swipe of Carmex and am good to go. A minor debt for the beautiful results I enjoy while wearing Full-On Plumping Lip Polish Gloss.

How It Compares: The #1 volumizing lip gloss.

What’s the best lip plumper in professional grade makeup? Most reviews agree that it’s the bestselling Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Polish Gloss. This cult classic gloss is equally loved on the red carpet and in everyday life for its visible plumping power and glass shine. It inflates and softens the look of lips with nourishing peptide and vitamin ingredients and has received a near five star rating average from more than twelve thousand reviewers at Sephora.com. There, incredibly, over four hundred thousand shoppers have it on their Loves list. In an unparalleled range of at least 80 shade and finish combinations, you can get as demure or bold with pigment and sparkle as imaginable.

Milabu Beauty Method: Tips for lip plumper perfection.

Polish off your look with this gloss in any shade and finish for a pop of plumpness to your pout.

  1. Line your lips. This gloss is not so thin that it feathers, rather it helps define lip edges. But I recommend lightly outlining your lips in your favorite liner pencil to enhance your natural shape and color.
  2. Apply lipstick. This is optional, but for extra color saturation, just a bit of satin or matte lipstick does the trick. I like MAC lipstick ($19).
  3. Apply Full-On Lip Plumping Lip Polish Gloss. Use the doe foot applicator to fill your top and bottom lips, starting in the centers and finishing by outlining the borders. Press lips together once or twice to blend. Bam!

Tip: I wear Buxom lip plumper on light to full makeup days, because it instantly elevates and enhances those looks. On true no-makeup makeup days, I swap this for ILIA Balmy Gloss Tinted Lip Oil, ($26). It’s not as plumping, shiny, or lasting as Buxom, but ILIA is great for my most natural looks and is super hydrating.

Advertised Product Highlights

Buxom Full-On Lip Plumping Lip Polish Gloss

SHADE: Dolly

COLOR: True Mauve Shimmer


LONGEVITY: No claims

BENEFITS: Contains a peptide complex that plumps lips; With vitamins A and E for moisture and softness; Available in a vast range of shades and sparkly, pearlescent, or shimmering finishes. 

OTHER: A #1 bestselling plumping gloss


By Virginia

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