Burts Bees Concealer Review

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  • Overall

Price Category: Value

  • $12.99 Retail

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  • Cleaner ingredients


  • Does not blend easily
  • Thicker formula that does not blend easily (even with the warmth of fingertips)
  • Light coverage that would have to be layered
  • Not crease proof
  • Clings to dry patches and texture
  • Not a good shade range (only 6 shades)

Burt’s Bees Concealer Review:

Burt’s Bees makeup has some hits and some misses. This concealer was a miss. It clings to every bit of dryness and texture and the thick formula would have to be layered to get any decent coverage.

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I tried this Burt’s Bees makeup product so you don’t have to.

I’m going to be honest and up front here, this is not my favorite concealer. Natural makeup is, a lot of times, a miss for me because of its performance. Typically, more natural formulas don’t have the longevity and wear that others do. Of course, there’s always outliers, and there’s some that apply so beautifully that sometimes I’m willing to overlook its performance. But, this concealer from Burt’s Bees? Not so much. Let’s review Burt’s Bees Concealer.

Promises vs. Performance: No settling or caking?

Burt’s Bees promises their concealer will hide dark circles, blemishes, and minor imperfections all day long. The 98.5% natural formula contains a blend of nourishing ingredients, such as avocado oil and shea butter. It promises to be lightweight and moisturizing for up to eight hours. They say Concealer blends beautifully, and won’t cake or settle into fine lines and wrinkles. And, it will give an instantly brightened eye area.

My Review Thoughts on Burt’s Bees Concealer

At application, I hoped this concealer would wear better than it applied. When applying, the thick formula was a bit difficult to blend and the warmth of my fingertips didn’t help it melt in any. It was a very light coverage that I had to layer to even slightly conceal my dark circles. Of course, we all know a thick texture plus light coverage does not equal a beautiful wear! But, I was hopeful, as some makeup just needs some time to sit and melt and really become one with the skin.

But, even as this concealer sat while I wore my makeup I could see it clinging to any dryness on my skin. It did not wear well and is definitely not resistant to creasing and settling as Burt’s Bees claimed. This, along with their Goodness Glows Foundation, did not make a good pair and my makeup looked completely different by the end fo the day. Yes, it brightened a bit, but I was hoping for more since it is said to be a moisturizing formula. I can’t say I recommend this concealer (or any of Burt’s Bees base products for that matter). Now, their blushes? that’s another story.

Let’s Reveiw How It Compares: Don’t waste your money on this Burt’s Bees Concealer.

There are so many better products at the drugstore, even if you are looking for a more natural formula. During the review Burt’s Bees Concealer did not provide me the coverage I was hoping for, was a thick texture that was hard to blend, and did not wear well. It creased, settle, and clinged to any bit of dryness. For a moisturizing formula, my under eyes were not very brightened and did not feel as cared for as I hoped.

I stand by my sentiment that Maybelline Instant Age Rewind is perhaps the best drugstore concealer on the market, especially with how long it’s been around. Instant Age Rewind brightens, conceals, wears with little to no creasing and settling, and is easy to apply.

If you’re looking for a more natural option, I would save up and splurge on a concealer like ILIA True Skin ($30) or Kosas Revealer ($28). Both of these are solid options that perform well with just about any base.

Milabu Beauty Method: How to apply concealer for a lifted under eye look.

  1. Using the doe foot applicator, dot a small amount of concealer towards the inner corner of your eye.
  2. Next, place a diagonal line of concealer at the outer corner, as if drawing up towards the tail of your brow.
  3. Blend out using a brush (my favorite is from Rare Beauty, $16). When blending, use upward, patting motions. Try not to blend downwards.
  4. Set with a lightweight powder. I enjoy Coty Airspun ($5.79) because it works great as a dusting powder or baking powder.

Advertised Product Highlights

Burt’s Bees Concealer



FINISH: Natural

COVERAGE: No claims

LONGEVITY: All day wear

SKIN TYPE: All skin types

BENEFITS: Provides 8 hours of moisturization; Instantly brightens eye area; Emollient formula with natural blend of avocado oil and shea butter; Does not cake or settle into fine lines and wrinkles

OTHER: Cruelty free; Dermatologist tested; Packaging is recyclable

CLEAN BEAUTY CLAIMS: 98.5% natural; Free of parabens, phthalates, SLS, and petrolatum

Edited by Maddie

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