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Price Category: Luxury

  • $269.00 Retail

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  • Plates are very smooth
  • Sleek and straight results
  • Even heat
  • Adds shine
  • Rounded packaging for easy curling


  • Shorter plates
  • High price tag $$$
  • Not the prettiest packaging

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The Bioionic Graphene MX flat iron is one of the most expensive flat irons on the market. The graphene technology supposedly allows you to straighten your hair beautifully at a lower heat setting for less long-term heat damage. You guys know that my favorite flat iron is Bio Ionic 10x (even though it is more on the expensive side). SO, I wanted to see if this new Graphene Bio Ionic flat iron is better than the 10x flat iron. Coming in at almost $300, I hope it is everything and more.

Comparison to Standard:

The results of both of these flat irons were very smooth. I didn’t expect one to blow the other out of the water because of the different technology. The Graphene MX definitely holds it’s own up against my favorite 10x, especially when it comes to straightening the hair. The heat distribution was actually more consistent on the hair with the Graphene MX. I do prefer the 10x for curling the hair because of it’s effortless results with the vibrating plates.

Is it worth almost $300? I think if you straighten your hair every day like many people do, the price is worth the money. With Bioionic’s incredible technology that keeps your hair healthier in the long run, I can’t really compare it to anything else on the market.

Do you absolutely need this tool? I’ll leave that up to you and your budget. 🙂

There are definitely some amazing flat irons on the market that do an incredible job, but if you’re in the market for an upgrade, definitely check out the Bioionic Graphene MX flat iron.

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