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Price Category: Pro-Grade

  • $239.00 Retail

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  • Special alloy plate technology featuring Ceramic Mineral Complex Natural Volcanic Rock
  • High heat option
  • Vibrating plate technology with on/off feature
  • Can be used to create multiple styles
  • Excellent hair straightening results
  • One-pass, fast results
  • Crease-free results


  • Pricey
  • Could have more heat settings (every 20°F while most hair tools have ever 10°F)
  • Not as travel-friendly because of the 9 ft cord


With the help of its sonic vibrating plates, Bio Ionic 10X is one of the fastest flat irons on the market giving one-pass results.

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Get pro results at home with Bio Ionic 10X.

Raise your hand if you like easy, fast styling with great results. Yeah, me too. The fast styling is what I love most about Bio Ionic 10X Styling Tool. Bio Ionic promises hair will be styled in less than 10 minutes, largely due to the help of the sonic vibrating plates that allow the tool to cover more surface area at once. Because it is a fast styler and has great technology, it is safer for hair than a lot of other hair straighteners. And, it’s versatile, too, allowing you to create hairstyles from straight to curly.

Promises vs. Performance: Fast, safe styling.

Bio Ionic 10X Flat Iron features 1″ plates made of Natural Volcanic Rock combined with a proprietary ceramic mineral complex. This creates a moisturizing heat that helps lock in moisture as you style, protecting hair for healthier strands. The combination of Volcanic MX and sonic vibrating plates allow hair to be styled in less than 10 minutes. The vibrating plates help create increased surface contact while smoothing and polishing strands. Plus, the rounded barrel makes it ease to use for styles from straight to wavy to curly.

My personal thoughts.

The vibrating plates of Bio Ionic 10X is what really sets this flat iron apart from the rest. What the vibrating plates do is create more surface contact with strands of hair for faster and safer styling. The vibrating plates make it so that you don’t have to keep going over sections of hair and make Bio Ionic 10X a true one-pass flat iron. You do have the option of turning the vibration off, but, in my experience, this results in having to go over sections multiple times.

I also appreciate how versatile Bio Ionic 10X is. Not only does it perfectly straighten my hair, but it has rounded plates that allow easy waving and curling, too. Whether you’re waving, curling, or straightening, the rounded plates give crease-free results. The straightener doesn’t dull hair either. My hair always likes shiny and healthy when I use this tool.

There’s honestly not much I don’t love about this hair straightener. It’s a solid option that is easy to use and delivers excellent results with each use, making it a great option for both pro and novice users. Though it is on the pricier side, you’re paying for the technology and hair safety. If I did have to complain about anything, it would be that Bio Ionic 10X could have more heat settings. The temperature control only allows you to use 20°F increments, while most other hair tools have 10°F increments. The 9 ft cord is a great touch especially for professionals, even though it’s a bit bulky for travel.

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:Bio Ionic 10X 1″ Styling Iron

Price: $239.00









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:Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

Price: $499.00









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How It Compares: Bio Ionic 10X is a favorite of mine.

I have a few favorite hair straighteners that I use pretty frequently, and they all have technology that make them great. Bio Ionic 10X is my favorite for fast styling one pass styling. It’s vibrating plates make it a true one-pass flat iron. If I’m on a time crunch, I know I can count on this one to deliver excellent results fast. This is a great option for professionals: providing great results, true one-pass flat iron, very smooth, high heat option, long cord. See Flat Iron in Action Video

My favorite hair straightening tool is the Dyson Corrale. Dyson is known for their innovation and technology, and the Corrale is no different. What sets this one apart from others is its cordless design and flexible plates that keep hair together as you style. It also creates excellent, consistent results to include straight, wavy, or curly. Corrale has a max temperature of 410°F and intelligent heat control to continuously measure the temperature to avoid heat spikes. Even though, one thing to mention, Dyson still has issues with battery life just like on all their products. The fact is battery technology is still trying to catch up with the demands of this world.

If Bio Ionic 10X ($239) or Dyson Corrale ($499) are out of your price range, my favorite value flat iron is the Kristin Ess 3-in-1. This one retails for $90 and, for the price, provides pretty great results. It features alloy titanium and gold metal for fast heating, and the plates adjust to hair texture to cover more surface area at a time. The temperature goes up to 440°F and has 4 heat settings for customizable styling.

For all of my favorite hair tools (rated ****4.5+), check out our MILABU PICKS article, ‘Best Hair Tools For Any Job.

Advertised Product Highlights

Bio Ionic 10X Flat Iron 1″

TECHNOLOGY: Sonic vibrating plates; Bio Ionic Moisturizing Heat™ Technology; Natural Volcanic Rock; Auto shut-off after 1 hour; Swivel cord

TEMPERATURE CONTROL/RANGE: Digital control up to 450°


MATERIAL COMPOSITION: Natural Volcanic Rock combined with Bio Ionic proprietary ceramic mineral complex

POWER: 110V dual voltage

SIZE & WEIGHT: 10oz (not including cord); 9 ft cord length

Edited by Maddie

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