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  • $59.99 Retail
  • $25.00 MILABU suggested

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  • Slightly cheaper over Revlon


  • Copied Revlon
  • Puts extra tension on the hair
  • Don’t love the bristles
  • Color scheme is a little too loud for me
  • Doesn’t say what the materials are
  • Adds frizz

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The Bed Head TIGI Blowout Freak Hair Dryer and Styler is another take on my favorite Revlon One Step Styler and Voluminzing Brush. It, of course, comes in Bed Head’s signature color scheme, which isn’t my favorite, but I decided to try it out since it is the same price as the Revlon and see which is best.

Comparison to Standard:

I expected this tool to be exactly the same if not better than the Revlon One Step. I was surprised to find that this tool just isn’t as good. The overall design and color scheme cheapens this tool for me personally. I prefer more of a low profile, sleek and neutral design. There was also a difference in the bristles. The tool doesn’t specify what materials this tool is made of exactly, but I could tell a huge difference between these bristles and the bristles on my Revlon and Hot Tools versions.

The bristles on this tool got caught in the hair and added a lot of extra tension and frizz. Overall, it did dry my hair and do a fairly good job of styling it, but I would highly recommend the Revlon One Step or the Hot Tools One Step Blowout over this Bed Head version.

Product Description:

Buckle up and jump on the volume freak train. The Bed Head Blow Out Freak One-Step volume booster dryer with built-in Tourmaline Ceramic Technology helps reduce frizz, and brings shine to dull hair for a smooth, glossy finish every time. The Ego Boost mixed pattern bristles give you fearless volume, add definition and texture for a smooth, bolder style. Unleash your own unique style with the Manipulator heat settings for styling versatility on all hair types, while the Pump It oval design gives you volume to the max and styling control. Style your hair the way you want it to be. Standout. Don’t fit in.