Scam Product



Price Category: Value

  • $125.00 Retail
  • $19.99 MILABU suggested

Video Reviews


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  • Dishonest marketing
  • Steal videos and photos for marketing
  • Copy of the original
  • White label product
  • No quality control
  • No guarantee it will work
  • You will not get your money back
  • You can buy it cheaper


This is another scam company, pushing an automated hair curler, that tries to make a fast buck (Beauty EKO). They do not care for the consumer, they sell by lying, stealing, and deceit.

Comparing to Standard

We have tested the original automated hair curler that is made by a Chinese company. You can see the video above. This particular beauty product is white label product that was purchased for quick resale from a manufacturer which means they have no control over the design or quality of this product. Be warned, these types of companies will not stand behind what they sell, they are here to make a quick buck. There is no quality control, there is no getting your money back, there is no customer service. If you are going to purchase this item, it is at your own risk.

One of our viewers mentioned this Scam Brand. They stole our images and videos to try to sell the products as if we (and other content creators) endorse it. They push Ads on Facebook and other social media platforms by lying, stealing, and deceit.

Here is a photo of them using stolen video content:

We do not endorse this product (BTW we do not endorse the original auto hair curler), nor do we endorse this brand.