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  • Overall

Price Category: Value

  • $40.00 Retail

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  • Under $40


  • Doesn’t hold hair on the barrel
  • Uneven Curl
  • Leaves the hair looking messy and unfinished

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Here’s another automatic curling iron I purchased from Amazon. This tool had really great reviews, so I thought, “Why not?!.” It claims to effortlessly curl your hair without ever burning yourself, give you professional looking curls, and reduce damage to your hair in the long run. I’ve tested many automatic hair tools and curling irons and unfortunately, this curling iron is my least favorite for my hair.

Comparison to Standard:

Overall, I was not impressed by this tool, whatsoever. I did have fun using it and trying to make it work, but the results it gave were not worth the money. The barrel really does not hold the hair in place, causing the heat distribution to be uneven on the hair, resulting in messy curls. It really only curled the very ends of my hair, which is not my favorite look. If you do like that look, maybe you would like this tool? However, I cannot recommend it. Even though it comes at a low price, I think your money would be better spent on another automated tool. Some of my favorites I have tried are the Chi Automated Curling Iron and the Beachwaver.

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