Hi, I’m Milana! This site was born out of a passion to serve you with honest beauty product reviews, ratings, and valuations. 

We already do this on all our social media platforms; unfortunately, they are not organized for easy searches. This site was built to provide easy searches for honest beauty product ratings, and reviews, oh and did we say hot deals?!

Just like all other customers we struggle and spend a lot of time trying to figure out if the reviews are bought and honest on beauty retail sites. 

Not only are the views and ratings at times questionable, but there are also sooo many products out in the beauty world, e.g. so many versions of a curling iron, mascaras, makeup brushes… We wanted to provide a top list for each category. These are the most common questions that we get, ‘what do you recommend for a cheap flat iron?’…  We incorporated our top picks in the luxury sector, mid-range sector, and value sector for each product type. All of this in conjunction with regular product reviews and ratings. 

Ultimately we hope to have an honest and positive impact and serve our viewers in the beauty world.  


All of the information on this site is an opinion of Milabu Co. and in no way is sponsored or influenced by any other brand. Nor do we affirm any views of other brands. This site may contain affiliate links, and we may request for special discounts for the viewers/subscribers.

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